Social Distancing vs Physical Isolation: The difference and why it matters.

Social Distancing vs Physical Isolation: The difference and why it matters.

[Quick Disclaimer before I go into anything: These pictures were shot back in December of 2019 (I’m late to post- I know) aka pre-quarantine.]

Alright Lizteners, let’s get into it: I hope you’re all doing well- mentally and physically- no matter where in the world you currently are. As I want this platform to be of positive and uplifting tone, I won’t hone in on my tremendous frustration of how certain individuals have been handling safety precautions given my health experts. Instead, I wanted to focus on a larger conversation that is at hand: I’m sure the majority of us feels like a giant brick has fallen on our heads every time we’re faced with another politician, health expert or crazy neighbor preaching the importance of “social distancing”. Granted, as someone who’s taken the current situation rather seriously, I believe there’s a need to elaborate on what social distancing actually entails vs what it doesn’t.

Social distancing is a slightly less aggressive expression to describe physical isolation, which we all get: Stay clear of close distance to other individuals to stop spreading the virus. Seems straight forward right? Due to strict measurements that were taken by certain governments and the stellar execution of specific nations, these social distancing rules have started to subside. However, what happens when those are hit by a much dreaded “second wave” as a result of “going back to normal”?

Well, there’s an underlying nuance to the term „social distancing“ that I wanted to shed light on. As we‘ve become accustomed to spending more time indoors, either by ourselves or with loved ones, most of us crave human connection: hugs, kisses, dances, walks, intimate talks, dinner parties- the list goes on.. but.. isn’t there something so magical when you prove your bond to certain individuals without those in-person human connections? Hasn’t the past few weeks shown us who truly matters in our lives? As we’e not relying on any sort of outside distraction, we’re almost forced to connect with individuals on a deeper level. While we don’t have a choice in the near future to completely avoid “physical isolation”, we do have a choice on whether we can to be “socially distant”, pertaining to our emotional connection to friends, family and loved ones.

I’m pretty sure that no one who’s reading this has ever lived through such a traumatic experience as this one. With millions of jobs lost and the fear of the unknown staggering, shouldn’t we be more mindful of how we proceed into the future- How we treat and interact with one another- including the environment, which has been the ultimate winner of this pandemic due to a tremendous decline in air pollution. We’ve been conditioned to treat each other as disposable and with that, have not only tarnished our relationship to one another, but also to ourselves. Therefore, rather than going “back to normal”, we should seize the opportunity to move forward and do better. So let’s celebrate consciousness, mindfulness and purpose. And call or DM your friends to check in on them- we’re all processing the situation differently, but a simple act of thought and care goes a long way (trust me)- hence I thought it was the perfect time to showcase my beautiful friends with this post.

And now, enough talking- enjoy these long awaited pics from our adventure back in December to TWA Hotel, located at JFK Airport in New York City (see you soon?).

And a huge thank you to my ladies for being a) a part of this blog post (even 5 months late) and b) for staying in touch, although we have the Atlantic separating us. I cannot wait until our next adventure(s).

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