Celebrating 2 Years of Liztening!

Celebrating 2 Years of Liztening!

YOU GUUUYYYSSSS!!! It’s been 2 (freaking) years since I launched this blog so read on to celebrate Liztening’s 2nd Birthday with me 😉 Issa celebration!!

I remember as if it were yesterday, contemplating in high school whether or not I should start a blog to share my views and passions for fashion, travel and all things health-related. However, as my schedule looked crazy, filled with school work and athletics and I barely had time to sleep and eat in between, dedicating time to a blog was unimaginable. Plus, I was lacking one major component: What would it be called? As a perfectionist, everything needed to be right. Fast-forward to Summer break after freshman year of college, I was working and needed some ‘side hustle’ to keep me stimulated. Doing one thing at a time just ain’t gonna cut it for me, so you can usually catch me doing 5 things at once. With that being said, being influenced by my NYC-fashion environment, the idea of launching a blog popped back into my brain. It was now or never! I put my computer programming skills to the test and navigated my way through WordPress. Once my first post was up, I kept going and fell in love with blogging and photography. Luckily, I had an amazing support system composed of friends and family from day one, which, trust me, helped me so much in uploading new content. After all, I can’t take these pics myself and I need someone to yell at while directing (jk, but not really). Up til this day, I credit this blog to my sudden explosion of creativity and the desire to create an aesthetically pleasing image that remains true to my character and embraces my individuality.

Keeping everything I’ve learned over the past 2 years in mind, from interacting with other bloggers and photographers to interning at a successful digital media company, I wanted this post to represent myself, my vision and where I want this blog to go. Seems like a lot of messages to convey in just a few pics? Well, yeah I agree but that’s the over-achiever in me (which sometimes is driving me nuts). I’m leaving it up to you whether it actually did or not.

One of the props I wanted to incorporate were mirrors. What mirrors essentially represent is us and how we choose to perceive reality, meaning you can look yourself in the mirror and either choose to love and accept what you see or the complete opposite. Ultimately, choosing happiness and self-acceptance is the goal, at least that’s what I’ve been wanting to promote through this blog. While I’m still going through this, like every other millennial on this planet, recognize that whatever you choose to perceive in that mirror is detrimental to both your mental and physical health. This takes me to my second pillar that I’ve been addressing from day one: Being in tune with your mind and being the healthiest version of yourself that you strive to be, in whatever shape or form that may be. It’s personal and I’m not here to preach my beliefs on anyone. The third element I had to include was nature. Shooting this at the beach with fruit as props couldn’t be more representative of who I am. Although I’m not a beach lover per say, I like to embrace both the vulnerability and power that nature represents. I’m thankful for what this Earth has given us and try to live as in tune with it as possible (which I’ve addressed in my previous 2 posts). Last but not least: FASHION! After all, I started this blog because of my love for clothes. A few years ago, you would not have gotten me in a dress for a million bucks. Growing up a tomboy, always doing sports, being the last in my class to wear makeup, I really didn’t feel comfortable in a dress. As I grew older and fell in love with haute-couture (that’s what sparked my interest for the craft), I incorporated more girly pieces, such as dresses. Now I’m actively seeking out dresses and I genuinely feel confident in them. It’s crazy to see how you can evolve so much just by observing the change of the pieces hanging in your wardrobe.

Evolving constantly is what gets you moving in life. Don’t be the same person you were yesterday. Try to be the better version today of that person you were yesterday. That’s what I try to do and I want to motivate you all to do the same, so just keep on liztening to keep up with my journey!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for all of your continuous love and support! I’ve got lots of exciting projects and collaborations lined up for the future so stay tuned. Love you all!

xx – Liz




Outfit Details:

Dress: Ganni

Shoes: André

Earrings, Ring & Hat: Local Market Place

All pictures were taken by Joëlle Stein and are un-edited and un-retouched.


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