So what’s the deal with the Zero Waste Movement?

So what’s the deal with the Zero Waste Movement?

Happy Hump Day Lizteners (& Happy Forth of July to my American Lizteners!!),

If you’re following me on my socials, you’ll know that I’m back home in Luxembourg for Summer Break. Even though I’m just here for a brief month, every day has been planned out to the max to make the most out of my time here in Europe. I consider my time back almost like a recharging period. Don’t get me wrong (and I’ve said this over and over again), I love the stimulating energy in NYC but it can be draining at times when you never take a break from it. I felt that leaving the city even just for a few weeks a year helps me appreciate it all over again once I return. Anyways, one of my favorite things to do when back is to meet up with old friends, either from high school, dance, basketball or from my childhood. One of my close friends turned vegan a few months ago and we truly had a very interesting and informative exchange over Sunday brunch at one of my favorite museums in the country that I inspired this blogpost.

One of my goals with this blog was to start addressing topics that I feel passionate about and that I feel can create an interactive exchange between both my ideas and yours. Sustainability is a huge passion of mine. *Surprise. Surprise.* One of the main reasons why I adopted a plant-based diet is because of environmental reasons. If you’re unsure of how your diet can influence climate change, please watch this or read more here. As I’m doing more and more research about the garment, beauty or food industry and how I can adopt more sustainable practices to put less of a strain on nature’s natural resources, I overlooked simple gadgets I’m using every single day that can easily be substituted to make a more positive impact on our planet. Not only did I visit the brand new Package Free Shop in Williamsburg (I mean where else would that store be located amiright?!) but my friend also educated me on a bunch of replacements she’s adopted to eliminate plastic. Sure, starting off with bringing re-usable bags to the grocery store and avoiding fast fashion is a great first step, but what about this Zero Waste movement? This means that NOTHING will go to landfill. I’m sure you guys have all seen the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and if you haven’t, I strongly encourage you to google it. It’s about twice the size of Texas.. And as we all know, Texas is huge!! Looking at that and thinking of the images we see of sea animals dying because they’ve swallowed copious amounts of plastic used for human consumption, using a bamboo toothbrush or bringing your own containers to the store to avoid excess plastic doesn’t seem to big of a hassle? Personally, I’m still looking into it, but I always wonder what more can I do? Yes, we’re all in this together and climate change is real (no matter what anyone else is trying to convince you of), but small individual changes can make an impact. By no means am I telling you what you should and shouldn’t do, but I simply wanted to create this little thinking piece for us all to exchange our ideas on how to live more compassionately towards planet Earth.

Although this dress is very girly and I would’ve laughed at you if you told me I’d wear this 5 years ago, it was my prom dress in high school and therefore brings a lot of memories with it. Because it is so bold and feminine, I thought shooting it in the middle of a wheat field was a great way to balance its daintiness with the roughness of nature. It also represents me in a way as I love fashion and how I can express myself with it, but how I want to do so with respect to nature. So next time you’re in a forest or a field of flowers (or wheat in my case), take a deep breath and appreciate Mother Nature.

Dress: Maje

Hair clip: & Other Stories

Bag: Marina Moscone

Shoutout to my amazing and beautiful friend @fannyprum for taking these amazing pictures in my hometown ♥


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