What will happen to Influencers post-Instagram?

What will happen to Influencers post-Instagram?

Happy Sunday Lizteners,

I’m not just saying this, but I’ve truly missed blogging. I’ve said this throughout my posts, but to me this is a way to escape the world around me and truly focus on my creativity and express it through fashion, travel or lifestyle preferences. The industry’s constantly shifting and having a blog is definitely not what it used to be 10 years ago. Now, when you mention to anyone that you’re a ‘blogger’ or ‘influencer’, especially in the fashion/beauty industry, you’re bound to get the ‘oh wow, you’re so original’ (*insert sarcastic voice here*) – type of side-eye. Unless you’re a big shot with >100k followers on Instagram, you’re one amongst many and your dream of sitting front row at fashion week or traveling the world in fabulous clothes is more than likely not going to happen, so I’ve been told.

The thing for me however is that I was not born a quitter. I don’t settle for less than what I believe to be deserving of. Who said that a certain number should validate your success? Especially when those numbers can ‘easily’ be tweaked around.. I’ve been having this ongoing discussion with friends about the fact that when you look at what influencers are ‘popular’ on social media, I can’t help but find that they all look the same or at least go to the same hairdresser, attend the same events, visit the same cities and take the same ‘look at me eating at In-N-Out and ordering the entire menu purely for its aesthetic reasons on the gram’- type of photo. It raised the following questions: Is that what people like to see? Where is the individuality of these ‘influencers’? Why do they feel the need to copy-paste each other? Shouldn’t we promote those with an eccentric sense of style, a haircut that might be a little out of the ordinary or those that show us some underground event at a restaurant we would’ve otherwise not heard of? What’s the actual point of this? Can their ‘influence’ be considered positive or rather negative?

These questions have been swirling around my head for a bit now, especially since I’m approaching graduation (I got one more year at FIT – AHHHHHH!!) and I’m figuring out where I want to take my life. On one side, it feels good that that decision is entirely in my hands while on the other, it is a little nerve-wracking to say the least. Social media (especially Instagram) is fascinating to me, considering how so many, like some of the influencers addressed earlier, have managed to build a career out of it. They’ve successfully marketed and branded themselves on an app that was founded only 8 years ago. Now you’ve got thousands of people making a living off of content that they post online, for the whole world to see. I noticed that most of these influencers who may have started with a blog now focus more on their Insta grid and the content they post on there. Although I personally am willing to grow my Instagram presence, I don’t want this blog to be any less important to me. This has been my baby – aka passion project since the very start and I have no interest in neglecting it. I just think it’s fascinating to see where the future of influencers is heading: Blogs were first, now Instagram, what will be next?

I can tell you one thing: I have a specific project in mind that I’ll be working on in the Summer. No matter what my reach is right now, I feel the need to use my platform to do something positive and give back. If all goes well, I will be super excited to announce it to all of you (If you’re subscribed to my blog – you’ll get a special surprise, so if you’re not, make sure you go subscribe right now to find out first). It’s been on my mind for a while, but I’ll go more in depth about it in a future blog post, as I’m getting closer to finalizing this project. After all, I’m still in the conceptualization phase of it.

Like I mentioned previously, Instagram is a wonderful way to find everything from the coolest outfits to the best locations, restaurants, rooftops and events you may not have found out about. Finding this outfit was the result of me diving in deep on my Instagram explore page. I got inspired by all the pantsuits I saw. No, I’m not talking about the Sears ones you see on the cluttered racks for $49.99. Instead, I appreciated the elegance and sophistication these quality suits added to a woman’s silhouette.

I had put myself this idea in my head that I wanted to wear a pantsuit on my 22nd Birthday, because what better way to feel feminine, confident and strong. Two days prior to the big day, I was still suit-less. But then I saw this mustard-colored gem and knew I had to give it a shot. There’s something about an outfit you put on and it immediately makes you feel invincible. That was exactly what I experiences with this number. As I didn’t have time to do a full-blown photoshoot on my actual birthday, I recreated the look, adding a leather beret, my Céline Mini Luggage Bag and some round sunnies. Is there a certain item of clothing that makes you feel like #WonderWoman? I’d love to hear from you!

As always, thank you for your continuous love and support! ♥

Outfit Details:

Pantsuit: Zara (here)

Beret: Vintage

Bag: Céline Mini Luggage

Shoes: & Other Stories

Rings: H&M

Sunglasses: Ray Ban (here)

A huge shoutout to Constantin Herburger for taking these pictures. (@constntin) | constntin.com



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  1. Elke Herburger
    May 1, 2018 / 3:43 pm

    You know I like your style!
    You‘re a good writer!
    It. Would be wonderful
    seeing you in summer!
    Have a nice day

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