Sandy Liang: A Fashion Film

Sandy Liang: A Fashion Film

Happy Friday Lizteners,

Before you’re going off into your well-deserved weekend celebrations, I wanted to share with you guys the first ever fashion film I participated in. As digital media is growing, the desire to make content feel more ‘real’ has definitely increased from my perspective. From the get-go, I’ve put my best efforts in to provide you with dynamic content: Whether that was with a GIF, a silly pose or one of my many ‘funny-but-really-not-so-funny’ jokes I perpetually like to throw into my articles. Interning at a digital media company, I get to be exposed to the creative direction, the prop sourcing, all the way to the production of the photo/video shoot itself. This has enormously enlarged my vision for my own content creation.

Therefore, as soon as my friend Kit asked me if I was interested in being ‘the main girl’ in her video shoot she was gonna send in to Sandy Liang (@sandyliang), I couldn’t say anything else but: ‘Hell yeah FAM!! I’m so in!!’ – I know.. We’re cool like that.

We filmed this on an early Sunday morning, the day after my birthday (which explains my dark circles). Anyways, after a few instructions and some gut instincts, I put my best ‘modeling/acting’-efforts forth and this is the result. Sandy Liang is a very young, bubbly, slightly corky brand that promotes feeling beautiful from within. With that in mind, this video is keeping those elements in tact throughout all its 90 seconds. I don’t wanna give the story line away for anyone, so I’m just gonna leave it at this – up for interpretation, after you’ve watched it of course. Would love to hear from you in the comments below!!

PS: This is my first ever time doing anything remotely like this so please just bear with me. I had a blast shooting this and hope you’ll enjoy watching it as much as I did being on set (aka the streets of the Lower East Side of Manhattan).


Special thanks go out to my beautiful friend Kit (@kpilosof), the production/editing team & the gorgeous ladies I got to share the screen with!

Clothing by Sandy Liang (@sandyliang) ♥

Have an amazing weekend loves!

xx – Liz

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