A Saturday in BK

A Saturday in BK


Happy Saturday Lizteners,

I am beyond excited to share this blog post with you as it is a collaboration with my newest and dearest friend Fanny. Who would’ve known that 2 Luxembourgish gals, who have pretty much everything in common but hadn’t heard of each other until recently, connected in one of the largest cities in the world. All I can say is: TG it happened because the bond that we share seems to be out of this world. Crazy how you can just meet a person and feel like you’ve known each other for a lifetime. 

Although Fanny’s been to NYC prior to her starting her internship here, she’s never really explored the charm of Williamsburg, BK. And when I hear that from anyone I simply go: What you waiting for girl? Let’s DO IT! Strolling under the Williamsburg Bridge, along the waterfront overlooking Manhattan’s skyline is simply breathtaking and SOOOO worth it in case you’ve never done it. Also, Williamsburg is great if you need a little break from the crazy city life without wanting to travel all the way deep into idk what. We topped off our visit with a trip to my personal favorite rooftop in the city: Westlight, on top of the William Vale Hotel. Just do yourself a favor and get there early cause they do make you stand in line and chances are pretty high that you then miss the sunset just like we did… but worth it guys!

Outfit-wise, Fanny rocked a slim-fitted, ripped pair of jeans that she paired with a flared-sleeved top and a cosy blanket scarf. Finally, she topped it off with this uber trendy fisherman’s hat, a cross-body bag and some loafers for comfort (comfy shoes are KEY when you’re in NYC as walking is oftentimes the fastest method of transportation). I on the other hand decided to show off my new faux leather A-line skirt that I paired with some black tights, cause YES the weather is starting to cool down here. I tucked in my sleeveless olive green turtleneck and gave the look an extra ounce of umph by wearing my oversized, checkered coat (you guys I could spend all my money on outerwear… I’m so excited for it to get cooler so I can show them off ;). Lastly, I wanted to add some color to this look, as my entire lower half was covered in all black and decided to wear the only pair of earrings I own (in case you didn’t know, my ears aren’t pierced so these are straight up clip-ons from a market on the French Riviera).

Have a lovely rest of your weekend guys and stay tuned for Fanny’s soon to launch blog… I hope you’re just as excited as I am to see it cause this girl knows how to take a dope picture or two (as you can see by the pics below…)!!




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