Come on over, Mr. Brightside

Come on over, Mr. Brightside

My dear Lizteners!!!

I cannot express how much I truly missed talking to you all, but without giving you a lengthy apology for being absent the past few weeks, I’m just gonna keep it nice and sweet and say that I’m back and I’ve got A LOT coming up in the very near future. (I know so detailed right?.. SHOCKER! But I’m pretty good at keeping my lips locked so just bear with me loves.)

Anyways, without further ado, let me jump right into this post cause we all know that’s the reason you’re all here in the first place. If you follow me on either Instagram or Snapchat (you can find links to all of that on the homepage), chances are you’ve come across my amazing roomie Adriana. Since she’s expressed her enthusiasm for my blog (yes, feeling super humbled every time someone tells me they not only read my blog but actually LIKE it), I told her: ‘Well sista, why don’t we do a collab?’ and short enough we grabbed my camera, took the next train to Tribeca and BOOM; these pics were created (well I did spend a fair amount of time editing them but that can just stay between you and me)! I’ve known Adriana now for over 2 years and although we have different likings when it comes to personal style, we still like to raid each others closets sometime hence I’m wearing Adriana’s shirt, belt and scarf because clearly, I do not have enough clothes in my own closet. I have to give her credit though for being the ultimate bargain hunter and for getting some dope pieces at stores I wouldn’t even have thought of. Also, I am OBSESSING over my white flared boots I got from Maje during my stay in Paris. Too bad someone spilled raspberry ice cream on these right before we started taking pictures… That’s where editing comes in real handy guys!! While I was internally crying because of that, Adriana was radiating in this beautiful yellow, shoulder-free top that she tucked into her ripped jeans. I’m also absolutely loving her beige heeled slides and let me tell you one thing: This girl’s shoe game is strong!! She puts my shoe collection to shame with the amount she’s hiding on her side of our shoebox-sized dorm haha.

I hope you guys will enjoy these pics as much as we did taking them and I will talk to you all super soon!! Also thanks for the 1k on Insta. I love you all ♥


Give my babe Adriana a follow on Insta: @adrianavalcarcel

xx – Liz

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