A day in Seminyak

A day in Seminyak

My lovely Lizteners,

I am beyond excited to share with you the first (of many) travel/fashion posts from my recent trip to Bali, Indonesia. People who visit Luxembourg are astonished by its greenery. They clearly haven’t been to Bali yet. Waking up to the sun peaking through your curtains or the soothing sound of the rain, with a view on the prettiest flora imaginable, Ubud is definitely the place on Indonesia’s most talked-about island that you want to stay in. I’ll go in more depth about Ubud itself in future posts, but I still wanted to share with you some pics of our hotel there. So let’s just jump right into it, shall we?

Chapung Se Bali was the name of our hotel and I do recommend it to everyone who seeks a quiet retreat in the middle of a jungle paradise. Building a living space that incorporates its naturalistic surroundings seems to be a Balinese specialty: You can see it both in restaurants as well is in shops around the island. In Bali it is also truly heart-warming to see how happy the locals are, no matter where you go. I can see why though: With this type of tropical oasis enrapturing your existence on a daily basis, having access to the freshest fruits and vegetables and living each day utterly care-free, we all got something to learn from our Balinese friends.

With Ubud being the center of relaxation and holiness, Seminyak can be considered as a young and more beach-y area with tons of shops, cafés (and tourists… unfortunately). It took us about a 2-hour car ride to get from Ubud to Seminyak, but in my opinion the very shaky, almost near-death car ride was definitely worth it. As you’ll walk around you’ll find TONS of cute spots (and an insane amount of plant-based food options for my fellow vegans who always ask me for suggestions). One of my favorite spots though? Motel Mexicola hands down. Such a fun and colorful place that completely makes you loose track of time because of the insane amount of photo ops (Also the staff is so cute so definitely go check that place out if you’re in Seminyak).

As far as the rest goes, my tactic when I visit a city for the first time is to just wander around. Personally, I’m not a big fan of maps, as I believe that I tend to stumble upon the best places when I don’t have a set destination, but you do you. As long as you walk around Jl. Kayu Aya, you’ll be more than fine. My personal travel tip is to not be afraid to get lost. The locals are beyond friendly and although they might not alway be fluent in English, they’ll do their best to help you with a smile on their beautiful faces.

I truly hope that you enjoyed my first travel post from Bali. Once again, there are more to come… My Summer’s coming to an end unfortunately, but I am looking forward to everything that’s in store for me in the future.

Much love from me to you!

xx – Liz

Jumpsuit: Club Monaco

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Shoes: Mellow Yellow

Bag: Ubud Market


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  1. Caroline
    August 25, 2017 / 12:14 pm

    Ganz schéin photoen

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