Handle the Height

Handle the Height

Happy Sunday Lizteners,

I promised you I’d be back soon and look at me sticking to my words. I’m very excited about this post as it is a collaboration with a brand new high-end handbag company from Germany: Sander Von Rhein. The creative directors Anna and Laura have conceptualized their idea of providing working women with stylish, yet practical and long-lasting handbags at the beginning of this year and have been moving their way up the industry ever since. I was so pleased to hear that they were interested in shooting a little something with me during my short, but sweet trip to Paris. (Especially when they already got a bag named after me… 😉

If you know me, you know I preach the concept of quality over quantity and Sander Von Rhein truly embodies those principles: Besides them being elegant, their bags are also durable, come in beautiful hues that are sure to satisfy your preference and while they’re being designed in Germany, they’re entirely handmade in Portugal. When I asked the girls why they chose to produce such a high-priced item right in the beginning of their career, they said this: “We felt like there was something missing in the market. There are so many bags out there that women take to work that are a) unpractical b) unattractive c) low-quality. So we created a bag (or bags) that are not only nice to look at (And we all love us some eye candy, am-I-right ladies/gents?), but that are made out of the highest quality leather and that are functional, hence the majority fits a laptop and/or IPad (etc.).“ They did not even ask me to blog about this, I chose to do so because I honestly believe in them and their product.

I had the honor to shoot with my personal fave and namesake: The Liz bag!! Location-wise, we were in Paris so of course, I had to show you all the city from above and what better way to do so than shooting from a rooftop (my favorite thing EVERRRR). As far as my outfit goes, I wore an over-sized, baby blue, linen dress from Acne Studios that I put over my slightly cropped, medium washed jeans. I kept my jewelry and shoes simply to let the bags speak for themselves. I hope you guys enjoy this post and I’ll catch ya later!!





Outfit Details

Dress: Acne Studios

Jeans: Achro

Shoes: Mellow Yellow

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Necklace: COS

Bags: Sander Von Rhein

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All my views and opinions are entirely my own.

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