Singaporean State of Mind

Singaporean State of Mind

Hello my dear Lizteners!

Long time no see right? I feel like I say that in every post.. I’m gonna have to prioritize my time dedicated to Liztening. After all I cannot let you guys down. So: THANK YOU for being so patient and sticking by my side no matter what. Alright, enough with the rambling, let’s dive right into this post.

If you follow me on social media (Instagram, FB, etc.) or read my last post (here), chances are pretty high that you know I travelled to Bali recently. Since there’s no direct flight from Luxembourg to Bali, I had to do a pitstop in Singapore (a 24hrs kinda situation). So after a 12-hour plane ride I escaped tiny Luxembourg and entered even tinier Singapore. Although it was my second time there, I enjoyed the high-rise buildings (which if you don’t already know, I have a secret admiration for skyscrapers), the genuineness of the natives and of course the cleanliness (surprise, surprise, but it really does stand out compared to other South-east Asian countries I’ve travelled to). I do believe that it’s best to SHOW you Singapore instead of making you read my lengthy essays (even though I know you secretly love them…) so here we go:

So after landing, there was no time to waste any since we’d have to leave the following afternoon. Half jetlagged we wandered around the historical riverside quay, went to the rooftop of our hotel which offered the most amazing view over the Bayfront, the Gardens at the Bay and of course the mesmerizing skyline of Singapore and ended the day with a delicious dinner at Real Food (organic vegetarian/vegan) on South Beach Avenue. Whether you’re staying at Marina Bay Sands or not, you have to visit their mall since it is connected to the most gorgeous Louis Vuitton store I’ve ever been to! Definitely worth a stroll – fashion lover or not πŸ˜‰

Day 2 was only a couple of hours long so we were running against time.. Besides snapping away at the inside of our hotel, I took some pics on the outside of the Singapore Art Museum as well as their National Museum. I appreciate the mix of contemporary and old, partly colonial, architecture. It creates a very harmonious balance that gives Singapore this refreshing charm. Besides that, we made a quick trip to Orchard Road (think 5th Ave in NYC) displaying beautiful malls housing new and innovative both local and international designer boutiques. Once you’re there, make sure to step into Emerald Hill Road which features a bunch of colorful buildings dating back to the 1900s. The contrast from this postmodern craziness that is Orchard Road and these art deco and Chinese Baroque style houses on Emerald Hill Road truly represents this mix of old and new that Singapore so charmingly houses.

I hope this inspires you to book a trip to this country that is (believe it or not) even smaller than Luxembourg..

I’ll talk to you soon again loves!

Happy early weekend πŸ™‚

xx – Liz

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