Happy 1st Birthday, Lizteners!

Happy 1st Birthday, Lizteners!

Happy Anniversary!

Lizteners!!!! We did it! A year ago, in July of 2016, I turned a vision I had for ages into reality: Liztening was born. My goal was to not only share with the world my love for fashion and travel, but to convey a message of feeling confident in yourself and your dreams, no matter how hard they seem to achieve. I had to fight for what I wanted in life ever since I was born pretty much and although the road to get there wasn’t always easy, I didn’t give up (And if you know me, you know that giving up is never an option for me). Even though I am nowhere near being done with accomplishing the goals I’ve set myself, I constantly remind myself to stop once in a while, look back and cherish the amazing opportunities I’ve had and experiences I’ve made, both good and bad: From getting invited to The Rebecca Minkoff show to having my article published in Luxuriant, I sometimes have to pinch myself to realize that this is all really happening. The realization of Liztening might’ve been my own, but it’s because of you my friends, my ‘Lizteners’ that it’s grown into this deep passion of mine. The constructive feedback I’ve gotten over the past 12 months as well as every single message (in person or online) of love, support and encouragement is deeply appreciated that it made me tear up at times.

Although every single one of you means the world to me, there are a few people in particular that I’d like to thank who’ve been there for me since day one and have contributed to the growth of this blog:

  • My parents, for always supporting me and proudly telling every single person they know about Liztening.
  • My brother for not making me bribe him to take my pictures (and yes he shot this awesome post).
  • Isabella, for the countless hours we wander the streets of NYC, for being my sidekick, my 2nd brain, my partner in crime.
  • Madi, for being the best roommate one could ask for, enduring countless hours of my crazy self and being a fellow fashion/design art hoe.
  • Adriana, for giving me pep talks when I need them most, for always keeping it real, and telling me that I’m on my best way to de-thrown the Man Repeller lol.
  • Aubrey, for always making me work extra hard at the gym, for pushing me beyond my physical boundaries and having a work ethic that inspires me daily.
  • Lynn, my amazing cousin who’s been my supporter in everything since day 1! Family > everything my love
  • To the photographers I’ve collaborated with and will collaborate in the future. (Future projects are in the works y’all)
  • To my amazingly dedicated subscribers (if you’re not already subscribed, seriously what are you doing?)
  • Sandrine, Zoé, Christine, Nico, Sydney, Kate, Alexis, Nike, Ali, Julie, Lena, Lisa, Laura … the list goes on and on. Every single person who’s come up to me in class as well as my professors and told me that they were a reader of Liztening: THANK YOUUUU!!! (PS: Sorry if I got awkward at times, but whenever someone compliments me, I feel so honored that I tend to freeze for a second or two.)

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy this blogpost!

Have an amazing Saturday Lizteners and let’s cheers to many many more posts and anniversaries.



Outfit Details:

Dress: Filippa K

Heels: Scapa 

Statement Ring: Extrabold Boutique

Clutch: Zara

Sunglasses: Quay

And as always: Keep it classy, never trashy! ♥


Instagram: @lizbreuer

Feel free to send me an email (personal or business related), I’d love to hear from you: lizteningblog@gmail.com

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