Villa Coat-On

Villa Coat-On

Happy weekend everyone,

I hope yours is just as sunny as mine here in Luxembourg. I’ve been back home now for about two weeks and I gotta admit, after not being here for 9 months, I’ve found myself appreciating the beauty of our country and Luxembourg City (our capital) especially, much more than I did before. I therefore wanted to incorporate, as I do in most of my posts, my surroundings, namely architecture and nature into my photography. So for all my Luxembourgish readers, you may recognize these spots and I hope it makes you appreciate the uniqueness of our tiny capital, as much as I do and for all my international Lizteners, I hope this will give you a fairly good idea of what Luxembourg City looks like and makes you wanna plan a trip here..

The first location I went to is called the Villa VaubanIt’s a museum about the art of Luxembourg City and it’s located in a beautiful old building. Recently, they’ve done some renovations and they’ve attached this very contemporary looking annex. That mix of old and new is very appealing to me and as you can see, was very photogenic as well. The second location is called the Fëschmaart (‘Fish Market’), because they used to sell fish there hundreds of years ago. Now it’s a cool area where a bunch of small cafés and little shops are hidden inside the little allies. Since it’s close to the Palais grand-ducal (The Palace of our Grand-Duc), you might encounter a group of tourists or two, but who can blame them?

As far as my outfit goes, probably not the smartest decision to wear a woolen coat when it’s 25C out, but what don’t I do for fashion? Underneath that denim-looking coat, I wore a pair of patterned culottes from Yileste (Find out more about this Luxembourgish brand in a previous blogpost: here) and a simple white short-sleeved T-shirt. To stay within the blue theme, I popped on my heeled oxfords from Paloma Barcelo and I put my necessities in my sky blue Saint Laurent sac de jour baby. As far as my rings, bracelet and sunnies, I kept it nice and elegant to let the outfit speak for itself.

Wishing you a happy rest of your weekend loves! And if you’re in Luxembourg, Happy early Mother’s Day! 🙂 xx



Outfit Details

T-Shirt: Brandy Melville

Culottes: Yileste

Coat: Yileste

Shoes: Palomitas by Paloma Barcelo

Bag: Saint Laurent

Bracelet: Marc Jacobs

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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