Le Santon de Brooklyn

Le Santon de Brooklyn

Happy Easter everyone,

As my Spring Break is coming to an end, I figured it would be the perfect time to check in with you guys. The outfit I’m wearing in this post is actually inspired by one of my current favorite designers: Jacquemus. Simon Jacquemus, a self-taught French designer from Marseille has truly revolutionized Paris’ fashion scene. Inspired by Japanese design concepts, Jacquemus is a young designer who makes you think and feel through his designs and philosophy. I love how his concept is clear and concise and that he keeps his message consistent throughout all mediums of advertising. He doesn’t let himself get distracted from what everyone else is currently doing in the industry or by fame. If you check him out on Instagram even (@jacquemus), you can see that he is a humble guy who enjoys living the simple life in the South of France with his loved ones, all while creating pieces that are moving the industry in a positive direction.

His designs are inspired by archetypal French concepts like the Breton stripe and transforms them into true artwork by using a playful approach. Even though I do not own any of his pieces YET, I have mixed and matched a few things from my closet that resembled the simplistic aesthetic of Jacquemus. I’m wearing wide black pants with a short sleeved black turtleneck over which I layered this over-sized white shirt that features this beautiful sleeve detail as well as a metal ring in the back. I decided to top it all of with my electric blue hat and round sunglasses.

Enjoy your time with your loved ones today,

xx – Liz


Outfit Details

Turtleneck: Zara

Shirt: Oak+Fort

Pants: Zara

Boots: Eden

Bag: Gucci

Hat: Brixton

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


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