Desert Chic

Desert Chic

Happy Saturday Lizteners,

As my road trip is slowly coming to an end, I wanted to share with you one of my last posts from it. Since we drove from Texas all the way to California and back, there are a lot of ‘middle of nowhere’s’ in between. Even though this might seem uninteresting to some, the beauty of it in my eyes, is to not only being able to see the sudden changes of scenery from State to State, but also being able to find gems like the fake Prada Marfa store, the Salvation Mountain or an abandoned Trading Post that I used as my shooting location for this post. It’s kinda sad to think that something that was once in full swing, is now slowly being taken down my Mother Nature. However, because of its current state, I thought it would be interesting to use as my backdrop, as my outfit served as a great contrasting motive.

I’m wearing some very wide, grey pants in which I tucked in a black turtleneck which has gold buttons running along the bottom of my sleeves. To toughen the look up, I paired it with my favorite black leather jacket. I topped it all off with silver shoes and a small black bag that features a chain strap, which again gives the look a certain edge, which happens to tie in well with my shooting location. Also, I thought I’d mix things up with my poses. Since I miss dance so much (yes, I’ve been a dancer since I was 2), I thought I’d incorporate some of that into my poses to make it more interesting for both you and me. I mean, why not right? And to my dance teacher: I promise my toes were pointed under that shoe 😉

Alright, I’m wishing you a great weekend!!

Love – Liz


Outfit Details

Jacket: All Saints

Turtleneck: Zara

Pants: COS

Bag: Tod’s

Shoes: Tod’s

Sunglasses: Artists & Fleas (Williamsburg)

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