Neon Lights

Neon Lights

Good morning/afternoon/evening Lizteners,

I hope you’ve all started this year well and are on your way to accomplish your goals and to become the best version of yourself. I’m again just very fortunate and thankful to have found this platform where I can express my thoughts, talk about what I like, show you the world through my eyes and just entirely be myself. And for all those who are subscribed or for those who just regularly tune in, I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart, because I wouldn’t be where I am today without your guys’ support. So just know that you’re appreciated!

Anyways, after our stay in LA, we headed to fabulous Las Vegas. Even though I’ve already been there a couple of times prior to this visit, it amazes me every time how this city of glitz and glam and total excessiveness is literally in the middle of the desert. If you’ve been there or not, I’m sure you know that Las Vegas is famous for its strip where the most elaborate and exquisite hotels and casinos are located. However, over the years a lot of them have been shut down or have changed owners and therefore also names, so many of the neon signs that were part of these hotels and casinos were taken down. Should you have ever wondered what happened to them, I got the answer for you! They’re all at the Neon Museum in Vegas, which I visited and are showing you in this blog post. It really was a lot of fun and very interesting so if you’re ever in Vegas and want a break of the casinos, definitely check this one out. I hope you enjoy!

Love – Liz



Outfit Details

Blouse: Maje

Pants: Yileste

Coat: Gucci

Shoes: Tod’s

Sunglasses: Ray-ban

Ring: H&M

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