Knit Me Over

Knit Me Over

Hi Lizteners,

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but this hasn’t been a good week for me. I’ve basically spent my days staring at the ceiling of my lovely shoebox, in bed with a fever and terrible nausea. So yeah.. Not the funnest. Although I don’t feel entirely like my old jolly self yet, I do feel a lot better after a week of bedrest. I do have to say that that in itself was a challenge, since I not only NEVER get sick, but I also have a hard time feeling simply useless. But health always ends up coming first.

However, while I was stuck in bed, I’ve also gotten around to watching the documentary ‘Before the Flood’, which was very thoughtfully documented. It has so much vital information in it that I think should be made accessible to everyone on this planet. I happen to have a strong passion for the environment and science in general so these kinds of documentaries really get me fired up. I even thought about incorporating my interest for the environment into future posts, because the one thing I never wanted this blog to turn out as, was something ordinary and boring and I want people to take something away from my posts and potentially show interest in bettering the world of tomorrow. At least that’s something that I’m constantly striving for and something that I’m very passionate about.

In the pictures below, I went to Bushwick with Isabella a little over a week ago (before this fiasco) which is another very artsy/hipster/up-and-coming neighborhood in Brooklyn. One of our favorite cafés to go to there is AP Café, which has been better with their vegan options (come on guys.. I know you can do better!!), but their interior design is what keeps us inside. The neighborhood is also known for its crazy artwork and murals, so it’s a very fun area to take pictures at during the day. Since it was pretty chilly that day, I decided to bundle up and pair a big cream sweater with a bright scarf and some petrol blue chelsea boots. Isabella went for a leather culotte and a simple turtleneck that she paired with an oversized jean jacket and (of course) a colorful scarf.

I hope all of you are getting through this Winter seamlessly or if you are still getting over something, know that you aren’t alone and that I will promise you that we will get through this in no time! After all, Thanksgiving is only about a week away!!!

If I don’t talk to you before that: Happy Holidays! – Liz

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My Outfit

Sweater: The Row

Pants: Yileste

Scarf: H&M

Shoes: Opening Ceremony

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Charm: Helen Moore


Isabella’s Outfit

Turtleneck: J Crew

Jacket: Mango

Pants: Topshop

Scarf: Vintage

Shoes: Superga

Bag: Cosci

Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana

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