Live, Work, Create.

Live, Work, Create.

Hola Lizteners,

WOW have these past two weeks been busy with school, interning and trying to be social. But I’m back and super excited to share this post with you, which happens to be another collab with my roommate Madi. This girl knows her way around Brooklyn (unlike me), so I commanded her to take me around one of her favorite spots this past Sunday: Clinton Hill it was. Super quiet area with small boutiques and coffee shops surrounded by gorgeous brownstones. You’d never know you were in NYC – good job Madi!

Enough with the Brooklyn talk, I have to talk about the top I’m wearing, because I mean… can’t you tell I’m obsessed? So the story behind it is that I got it along with three other amazing items from The Row Sample Sale on Saturday, which I was working at all day. I mean if you get 90% off of your favorite brand’s clothes, how could you say no to that, ESPECIALLY after running around all day like a headless chicken around women who were taking things waaayy too seriously. This black top is absolutely gorgeous, the fabric is marvelous and I love the ‘tie/wrap’ detail. I also appreciate how everything is made domestically. I paired it with my white culottes and some heeled oxfords.

Madi on the other hand wore my white shirt, which I adooore, because you tie it in the front and it has buttons running in the back. She paired it with some chic grey cigarette pants and wore some fishnets underneath. Black accessories top this look off. When we both went into Barneys in Brooklyn, the sales associates happened to love our outfits and asked us if our tops were from Céline. Now the fact that my Zara top that Madi was wearing got that kind-of-compliment, I really have to give it up to not only my excellent shopping skills, but also to Zara! See, you don’t have to break the bank to look expensive.

I hope you all had a happy halloween and I will be back very soon!!

Love – Liz

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My Outfit

Top: The Row

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Palomitas by Paloma Barcelo

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Madi’s Outfit

Top: Zara

Pants: Oak+Fort

Shoes: H&M

Bag: Zara

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  1. Joëlle
    November 15, 2016 / 8:50 pm

    Fantastic, Liz and Maddie !!!

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