Chasing Pavements

Chasing Pavements

Hey Lizteners,

Another week has passed by and therefore it’s time for another blog post from moi. The weather has drastically changed in NYC hence I’ve been suffering from a cold for about a week now.. Looking at these pictures I took a week ago is giving me serious envy, because comparing it to what we have right now, well let me not even think about it. As you can tell, I’m an extremely weather-dependent person haha

Okay on to what this post is really about: Isabella (yes, she’s featured again and yes, I have more friends, but we just happen to hang out a lot and yes, more people will be featured in the future, since you guys have been responding really positively about this new ‘addition’ to my blog posts) and I were strolling around the West Village this past Sunday, which happens to be one of our favorite neighborhoods, giving us serious brownstone envy. What I love about this area is that it’s so close to everything exciting in NYC, yet you’re living in this relatively ‘quiet’ (I’m referring to NYC standards, not Luxembourgish ones) part of the city that’s absolutely beautiful, especially on a sunny Fall day.

The thing I got asked about a lot in high school was how I was able to dress the way I did without breaking the bank. I said the same thing over and over again: I don’t dress in high-end designer pieces for the most part. Although I do like to splurge on some things, I don’t believe that dressing stylish has to cost a fortune. I therefore shop a lot at Zara (which I have to say does a different selection in Europe than here) and so does Isabella. I noticed that every time I wear something from Zara, people stop me in the streets and ask me where it’s from and are surprised when I tell them. The thing to keep in mind when shopping at a place like Zara is that you shouldn’t go for the pieces that every other one is going for. Go for what is a little out there and what doesn’t ‘look like Zara’, if you know what I mean. After you’ve picked out the things that are a little out of the ordinary, mix and match them with more high-end pieces and BOOM, you’ve got a bomb outfit. It’s not rocket science people. I just thought I’d share with all of you guys what I told my friends in high school. I hope this encourages you to go out there and walk into a fast-fashion retailer with a different mindset. Trust me, I know what it feels like to be a college student (in fashion school!!) on a budget and wanting to look like I just stepped out of a Vogue ad.

(Also, go check out this amazing new Japanese brand that just opened its first store in the US: Enföld.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love – Liz

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My outfit

Shirt: & Other Stories

Sleeveless turtleneck: Zara

Blazer: Zara

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Bag: Céline

Isabella’s outfit

Shirt: Calvin Klein

Jacket: Zara

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Vans

Scarf: Vintage

Glasses: zeroUV

Bag: Floto

Follow Isabella on Instagram: @zini_isabella

Restaurant: The Butcher’s Daughter

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