Downtown Strollin’

Downtown Strollin’

Hi Lizteners!

Okay remember that time I said I was going to be more consistent with uploading? Ehmm yeah… Sorry about that. But I’m back and more eager than ever to post since I’m back in NYC and therefore constantly surrounded by things that inspire me. One of them being my wonderful friend Isabella who collaborated with me on this post. A tradition that the both of us have been following for almost a year now is that we take a walk, every Friday afternoon, down to Soho, Nolita and to the Lower East Side and see what’s popping in the neighbourhood. Since we know our way quite well around there, we figured it would be appropriate to take all of you guys along and show you not only what we were wearing (which I know you’re probably dying to see right now) on that Friday, but also show you the charm of Downtown NYC that the both of us so deeply appreciate.

As NYFW is just around the corner (it starts on Sept. 8th and goes until Sept. 15th), the city has been bursting with models running to castings, trendy fashionistas showing off their best looks, as well as a ton of fashion-related events. Therefore imagine Isabella and mine’s excitement when walking down Mercer or Greene Street and feeling even just a little bit like we belong (even though we oftentimes got no clue what we’re doing).

Isabella opted for loose, striped pants, a black shirt and some Vans, which she decided to top off with a vintage silk scarf (and yes, she is the scarf queen), as well as with a cross-body bag and some cool shades, which matched the blue in her scarf.

I on the other hand decided to go with skinny ankle-jeans and this really nice, striped linen top that I got from the Frankie Shop (@thefrankieshop) last week, which is one of my favorite stores in Manhattan. The back is completely open and is only held together by a single button in the back and the ”belt” that the shirt comes with. Due to its lightweight fabric, this is perfect for a hot Summer day, which it totally was that day and I therefore do not understand why I decided to wear these heavy sneakers with it, but I did soooo you know. I also got them in the city not too long ago and I love the fake fur detailing on it. A lot of people decided to pet my feet that day, which I’m not sure if I should be happy about that or deeply concerned. Anyways, the both of us had a lovely afternoon and let’s cross our fingers that I’ll be more consistent in the future.

Have a joyful rest of your day everyone! Sending much love from me to you.

xx – Liz


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My outfit

Top: Finders Keepers

Jeans: Abercrombie

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Bag: Céline

Ring: Extrabold

Sunglasses: RayBan

Isabella’s outfit

Top: JCrew

Pants: Uniqlo

Shoes: Vans

Scarf: Vintage

Bag: Carlos Falchi

Sunglasses: Revo

Show Isabella some love on instagram: @zini_isabella

Restaurant: Café Henrie 

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