Summer, Sun and the French Coast

Summer, Sun and the French Coast

Hi Lizteners,

It’s been a while since I uploaded my last post and I’ve truly missed it so let’s hope that I’ll be more consistent in the future. I only have one more day in the South of France until I head back home to Luxembourg to get myself and my thousand belongings ready for school (which is a week away!!).

Over the course of the week, my family and I decided to take advantage of our surroundings and decided to go to places we haven’t really been to yet, so Saint-Tropez and Monte Carlo it was!


The last time I visited Saint-Tropez, I was a toddler, so it’s fair to say that I couldn’t recall a thing and therefore explored the famous harbour city like it was my first time. Did I have high expectations? To be honest: yes! The tabloids show us these yacht shots of celebrities in Saint-Tropez over the Summer, so I wanted to see for myself what the buzz was all about. Maybe it was the combination of narrow streets and the copious amount of tourists that was influencing my first impression of the city, but I didn’t find it more spectacular than Cannes or Nice, cities I’ve been going to for the past 18 years and am still thrilled about every time I visit. Sure it’s cute; you don’t have these huge apartment buildings along the coast that alter the charming silhouette of the city, but comparing it to the old town of Antibes for instance, a city that’s close from where I’m staying at the moment, it’s just not that different. The boat ride from Cannes to Saint-Tropez was nice and I enjoyed walking the narrow streets of Saint-Tropez when no people were around, but unfortunately that was almost impossible. My verdict: A cute, charming city that was over floated with loud tourists, who were trying to prove that they were a part of the scene there.

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

Okay so I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve been coming to the French Riviera for the past 18 years, which shares a border with the Principality of Monaco. If my family and I felt like it, we would drive through Monaco whenever we made a day trip to Italy, but we’ve never actually stopped there to discover the city. Well, this girl right here decided that it was time to change that. So I gathered information on what to do. In short: I loved it! The architecture is very diverse in Monaco: on one hand, you have a bunch of beautiful old buildings and on the other, a handful of new and gigantic apartment buildings, which aren’t very pretty to look at, but it’s that exact combination that gives Monaco its distinct vibe that I happen to enjoy. Also, if you pay close attention, you notice how super clean everything is. I mean: beware Singapore! Monte Carlo’s coming for you. Another reason I wanted to go to Monaco was because of the world’s best tennis player Novak Đoković’s new vegan/plant-based restaurant ‘Eqvita’ that opened only two months ago. I took my family there and it was safe to say that everything from the decor to the food was a solid 10/10. As a fellow athlete who eats a vegan diet, I couldn’t appreciate this more and I am happy to witness the success of his restaurant with my own eyes. Besides that, I highly recommend you visiting Monaco, should you ever be in the area.

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xoxo – Liz


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