Yes, we Cannes

Yes, we Cannes

Bonjour Lizteners!

Cars that cost more than most people earn in a lifetime, the most recent collections from high-end clothing designer brands and way too many people with botox probably describe best the ‘m’as-tu vu’ – scene of Cannes. I’ve been coming to the French Riviera for the past 18 years and making a trip down to Cannes while I’m here is like brushing my teeth before I go to bed, so I do know my way around the city that’s known for its annual ‘Festival de Cannes’ quite well. I have to say though that I’m pretty happy about not having to spend my days inside anymore, but that I can finally enjoy the outdoors again (I feel like I’m still traumatized by the awful weather I had back in Luxembourg). Anyways, I’m not a meteorologist so let’s move away from all this weather-talk. Cannes is pretty, but it’s by far not as charming as the cute, little villages that you can find in abundance in the South of France (more of that will be up soon btw). Most of these pictures were shot on the ‘Boulevard de la Croisette’, which is the most famous street in Cannes: All of the expensive shops, hotels and cars can be found here along the sidewalk (as well as copious amounts of tourists..!!). Parallel to the Croisette, you can find the ‘Rue d’Antibes’, which offers a selection of shops that cater to people who don’t have an extra $3,000 to spare on a pair of pants. In between those two streets, you can find cute restaurants and independent brick-and-mortar stores. Cannes is fun because of all that eye candy! So if you’re stuck at work or in bad weather, I hope that this will transport you into a world of sun kissed skin, luxury and a careless attitude. Sending lots of love from France!

xoxo – Liz

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